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We are celebrating our 45th year

On April 19, 1969, a meeting of interested people was held for the purpose of forming a Historical Society for DeKalb County. Those in attendance were: Dorothy Caldwell, Associate Editor of the Missouri Historical Review, published by the State Historical Society; Mrs Dayle C McDonough, President of the Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs, Bessie L Whiteaker, Lora Lockhart, Ruth Lybarger and Martha Spiers.

A constitution and by-laws were written, a slate of officers was drawn up and the place and time of the organizational meeting was considered.

The following day, April 20, 1969, 34 people who were interested in the preservation of the county’s history met in the Community Room of the courthouse and formed a Historical Society. Mrs Dayle McDonough presided as temporary chairman and her husband, Judge McDonough, read the proposed by-laws and conducted the discussion after which the Society accepted the corrected form.

A motto, which had been suggested by Harley Fisher, was chosen, “A county that forgets its past will never have a future.”. The purpose of the DeKalb County Historical Society is to “study, preserve and record our heritage”.

By the end of 1969, 167 members from many areas of the United States had joined the Society.

We offer a comprehensive range of services:

Donations are always appreciated

The memorial Fund is for anyone interested in making a contribution in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.

Meeting Your Research Needs

There are 4,182 family file folders to help with research needs. We add to them all the time.

Our volunteers will be happy to assist with your research needs.

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or 816-449-5451 or dchs467@yahoo.com

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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am looking for any information on Littleton S. Roberts, born 1806 in Kentucky. I am particularly interested in any information on his parentage. If you have any, could you please forward it to me. Thank you, Keith

    1. Litteton S Roberts was born in 1807 and lived past 92years of age and is buried in the Maysville Cemetery on the south side of wife, Elizabeth [Kinkaid] Roberts [1808-1891]. They were born in Kentucky and came to Clinton-DeKalb Counties in 1833 while DeKalb County was still a part of Clinton County. They belonged to the Primitive Baptist Association. Their home was on Highway 33 north of Osborn Missouri. Mr. Roberts owned land in the townships of Grand River, Adams and Colfax as shown in the Atlas of 1877. Rebecca Jane Roberts, 2nd daughter, Born on way to Missouri 5 May 1829 Married Green Berry Lancaster, 26 Nov 1848 and died 1869. Nancy Roberts, 3rd daughter married George Smith and had one son Robert Burns Smith. Harriett Josphine Roberts 9th daughter born 11 March 1846 died 25 Dec. 1921. We have a very full family file folder with lots more information in the files.

        1. The family file folder is quite large. We could make copies of the files for $1.00 per copy. It would be wise to be selective on what you want copied. Let us know what you are interested in and let us know your address and we can research for you. If you live close enough to come in it would be much cheaper. Copies for non members is .50 each and .25 for members if we don’t have to mail them. Membership is $10.00 per year.

  2. I am currently trying to find out who his parents were, possibly a copy of his death certificate, and also the death certificate of Littletons’ wife, Elizabeth Kinkaid Roberts. Unfortunately, I am in Utah, but I do have family in Gilman City, but have not approached them yet (still early in the process of discovery). I will be back in touch. Thank you for all the great help you’ve given me thus far. Keith

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